Congleton Jazz & Blues Festival

Congleton Jazz and Blues
Congleton Jazz and Blues Festival 2013
Congleton Jazz and Blues
Congleton Jazz and Blues Festival 2013
Congleton Jazz and Blues Festival 2013

Congleton is my new favourite place.

On August Bank Holiday, me and John, (the guy on keys with the cheeky face) paid a visit to the home of Bears. Beartown they call it. And there are MASSIVE bears everywhere, in a similar vein to the Liverpudlian cow bananas. Benign-looking upright bears, clothed and decorated, flanking each corner of the town. Very pleasant.

In addition there is the Beartown brewery, whose ales I did not sample so I cannot evaluate I'm afraid.

However, a dark history belies the ursine ubiquity of Congleton Town. Apparently they were really into their bear-baiting, something which is quite against my vegetarian sensibilities. The Congleton Museum also boasts a special woman-taming muzzle, for those days when your wife just needs to be kept under control, and only torturous iron-mongery will cut it.

This aside, we had a lovely time in The Cong. I arrived at the ELECTRIC PICTURE HOUSE to be met by a blues brothers themed bear and a host of artists studios in a really cool semi-crumbling artists space. The place looked cool. We set up our gear and salubrious cultured music-seekers trickled in in ever growing numbers. The gig was like a parlour concert and the crowd were my favourite kind: they listened, they clapped feverishly, they exhausted my merchandise supply.

Having played many venues over the years, I have to say, The Electric Picture House, a former cinema, turned artists studios-cum-exhibition space-cum-gig-venue with bar was bloody brilliant. We are thinking of returning to film a little music video. Maybe even dressed as bears.


Heidi has just finished touring with founder member of Wizzard, The Move and E.L.O Dr. Roy Wood. Whilst the eccentric multi-instrumentalist is best known for hits like, 'I wish it could be Christmas every day', 'See My Baby Jive' and 'Blackberry Way, which have made him a household name, Roy's musi


To mark the launch of 'Holiday For Your Heart' Heidi escaped the icy UK Winter in favour of a 9 week solo tour of Australia, taking in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide. Highlights included performing during Perth Arts Festival, swimming in a green lake, jet skiing and featuring on Australian


On 14th February 'Holiday For Your Heart ' was released worldwide via iTunes. Featuring a powerful mixture of soul, live lounge vintage pop and funked up country, this album has been described as 'her most powerful and immediate sounding record to date', demonstrating her 'unfailing sense of pop'.


'Colouring Outside The Lines' had it's first play on BBC Radio 2 this week on Sir Bob Harris's show. Exclaiming 'How good is that!?' the song was well received and has Watch the official music video here:

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