German Tour 2015


I am pleased to announce that April 2015 I will be on the road for a whole month touring Germany alongside fellow wanderlust afflicted singer-songwriter David Blair, the Canadian of Berlin! We are in the process of booking dates but already in the diary is 2nd April at Zimmer 16 in Berlin, and in association with the Büro für britische Kultur und Geschichte we are pleased to announce our theatre concert at The Brunsviga in the Medieval city of Braunsweig/Brunswick, lower Saxony! I am looking forward to brushing up on my German and meeting some lovely international fans! Links for tickets will be posted soon!

David Blair is known for his infectious laugh and communicative audience-side manner. He says "I love making moments on stage to connect with people and I think about those moments when I'm writing songs. I'm blessed to be able to love people through my music and I intend to do so for the rest of my life — its what I was born to do — I just didn't know it till now."
Having won best Male Album of the year in 2007, David's music is worth adding to your collection. If your in Germany and you get to see him play live, even better.

Come join us for our 'mini-rock- tour! Heidi and David x


Heidi has just finished touring with founder member of Wizzard, The Move and E.L.O Dr. Roy Wood. Whilst the eccentric multi-instrumentalist is best known for hits like, 'I wish it could be Christmas every day', 'See My Baby Jive' and 'Blackberry Way, which have made him a household name, Roy's musi


To mark the launch of 'Holiday For Your Heart' Heidi escaped the icy UK Winter in favour of a 9 week solo tour of Australia, taking in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide. Highlights included performing during Perth Arts Festival, swimming in a green lake, jet skiing and featuring on Australian


On 14th February 'Holiday For Your Heart ' was released worldwide via iTunes. Featuring a powerful mixture of soul, live lounge vintage pop and funked up country, this album has been described as 'her most powerful and immediate sounding record to date', demonstrating her 'unfailing sense of pop'.


'Colouring Outside The Lines' had it's first play on BBC Radio 2 this week on Sir Bob Harris's show. Exclaiming 'How good is that!?' the song was well received and has Watch the official music video here:

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