The Adventures of Sneezing Susan

I have recently joined Instagram. You can follow me here. Now the proud owner of an iPhone, I've been taking lots of photos of my travels. Below is one of my favourites:


On this very walk, I wrote a silly account of my journey, walking along the canal on a hot, hazy day. Here is a transcript...


Over many terrains I have travelled, from barren grassland to tall swathes of ferns; through wildflowers and crisp packets. Though in the days of yore, the weary traveller could call upon the hospitality of strangers for provision of water and vittles, today's lonely wanderer must walk thirsting on.


Through the haze of sneezing fits in the sweltering heat, the moist air sweating as the flora and fauna transpire, onwards to a leafy glen. Only the sound of twittering birds and distant crows for company....

But wait! A little cottage, shaded from view. A tiny table, laden with cakes: tiffin, scones and clotted cream. A fridge, bursting with Sainsbury's own band refreshments! I help myself to some Scottish Highland Mineral Water, toss one silver coin into the honesty box and forge onward, to Adderley....


Heidi has just finished touring with founder member of Wizzard, The Move and E.L.O Dr. Roy Wood. Whilst the eccentric multi-instrumentalist is best known for hits like, 'I wish it could be Christmas every day', 'See My Baby Jive' and 'Blackberry Way, which have made him a household name, Roy's musi


To mark the launch of 'Holiday For Your Heart' Heidi escaped the icy UK Winter in favour of a 9 week solo tour of Australia, taking in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide. Highlights included performing during Perth Arts Festival, swimming in a green lake, jet skiing and featuring on Australian


On 14th February 'Holiday For Your Heart ' was released worldwide via iTunes. Featuring a powerful mixture of soul, live lounge vintage pop and funked up country, this album has been described as 'her most powerful and immediate sounding record to date', demonstrating her 'unfailing sense of pop'.


'Colouring Outside The Lines' had it's first play on BBC Radio 2 this week on Sir Bob Harris's show. Exclaiming 'How good is that!?' the song was well received and has Watch the official music video here:

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