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Adam French and Ashley Fayth

This year I've not only been busy touring music from my current and forthcoming albums. I have also been collaborating with some great emerging artists on the folk scene.

Recording with Adam French

Firstly, in January I was asked to feature in a music video for Adam French, a talented young singer-songwriter championed by BBC Stoke. He was looking for a violinist/backing vocalist for his live video. I and several other musicians collected together and learnt songs from Adam's first EP, 'Back where I belong', which you can find on iTunes.

The musicians all gelled really well and we all went on to play on Adam French's recent EP and I put some violin and cello ideas down and sang harmonies. Here is me, taking the job very seriously.

During the recording session, I really enjoyed the chance to play my cello, which I got for Christmas a few years back. I'd only messed around on it prior to the recording, but have a listen to 'Jack and Jill'... it sounds like a double bass but it's actually me on cello. I love playing cello, it makes me feel like a borrower.

The whole EP has been really well produced by Thom Twemlow of Bison and Wolf. Check out Adam's EP here
He's recently signed to a top management label so keep an eye out for him :)

Ashley Fayth session

Secondly, in July I was asked to join Ashley Fayth and her band for some UK tour dates. We rehearsed hard over in Chester at Faktory Studios, run by the bassist from The Verve. I had two weeks to learn Ashley's set, writing new violin lines etc then we were off up to Kendal Calling. We played on the Chai Wallahs stage, a stage which itself tours various festivals. Ashley performed brilliantly at Kendal Calling and held the audience of drenched northerners spellbound. A really great voice and it was a pleasure to play with her. The next gig will be Festival No. 6 in Portmeirion. Here is Ashley Fayth's website, featuring news of her tour: