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Exciting Album News

Paris animation shoot

My dear subjects, I know it's been a long time coming, this second album... I've been recording the tracks over the last year or so and lots of the songs have been waiting nearly a decade to be committed to disc. However, the end is in sight!

I have just received the mastered version of 'In The Dark', a song which most of you will never have heard before! I wrote this song when I was studying for my A Levels, about 10 years ago, but decided last Summer that I'd resurrect it. It's a kooky number: no traditional band instruments, just a string section of me on violins and cello as double bass, lots of harmonies and epic djembe. We recorded it at Hollow Floor Studios in 2012 and it's been patiently awaiting the finishing touches. Thankfully, Stornoway's bassist Oli approached me to ask if I needed any mastering done, having seen and liked my 'Paris' animation. So he's mastered it all and it's sounding really good.

Other songs on the forthcoming album include 'You Make Me Smile', 'Boy Who Doesn't Care' and 'Number Song'. Most of you will be familiar with these. As an apology for the long wait, we recently did a few live video recordings of these songs in my living room which you can watch Number Song has already been played on BBC Shropshire, but it's not available to download yet. The album will be joining 'Table 4 One' on iTunes for those of you who can't make it to my UK gigs.

My personal favourite on the album so far is 'Lost in Grey.' This song is another which I've hardly played live before, so should be a nice surprise for everyone. It's got lovely orchestration if I say so myself... nice violins, flutes and all that jazz. John my keys player has done some beautiful tinkling over the top too.

These songs will be added to Paris, Seahorse and Secret which you can hear on soundcloud.