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Interview with Heidi Browne

Listening back

NAME: Heidi Emma Peach Browne — all of those are on my birth certificate.
HEIGHT: 5ft and a bit
HAIR COLOUR: natural — smouldering mouse, currently platinum
EYE COLOUR: blue/green depending on toxicity level
FAVOURITE COLOUR: probably green, I seem to buy a lot of things with green in. Must be the ingrained wholefood values.
FAVOURITE CHILDHOOD PLACE: Llangollen in Wales. Or Ironbridge because I was obsessed with Victorians when I was little. There is a picture of me on my 9th birthday at Blist's Hill Museum smiling in a scary dentist's chair. I got given a free porridge stirrer that day by a nice Victorian woodworker.
FIRST PET: Hunca Munca, who was a large lady Hamster. She had sex with her brother 'Flower', got cancer and died and was buried in the inner tube of a toilet roll.
FAVOURITE SCHOOL SUBJECT: English, Art, Drama, Music, French
WORST HABIT: Making hypothetical rash decisions which I never take.
BEST TRAIT: Spontanaity and creativity.
EDUCATION: Alexander Road Junior school, Shrewsbury High School (for gals), Oxford University (dropped out), Newcastle Under Lyme College — Art Foundation, Manchester University, The Sorbonne, Paris. Yeh. Posh.
FILM: Don't watch many. I like French films, black and white and silent film mostly.
BOOK: A bit of a faddy reader. I get really into a book for a few chapters then forget to read the rest. I read a book called 'Left Bank' recently which I enjoyed. I think Oxford killed my love of books.
FOOD: BREAKFAST: Cornflakes, soya milk.... or egg-in-a-mug
LUNCH: soup/feta salad/ryvitas
DINNER: something with fish, usually an enforced amount of potato due to partners starch addiction, a stir fry
SNACK: hummus, vine leaves, honey roast peanuts, kettle chips
HOW DID YOU GET INTO MUSIC: I listened to lots of music when I was little, although it was restricted to what was in the house... I used to listen to The Kinks a lot and make up harmonies, The Beatles, Steeley Dan, Bonnie Raitt, Sting, Soul music... I also loved dancing to classical music when I was little. I tried ballet for a bit but didn't like being told what to do, so I announced when I was 6 that I was going to make my own dances up. I also took up the violin, with free lessons at School. There was a piano at home so I used to make up little tunes and me and my friends would always make the Mums sit on the sofa with home-made tickets to our variety performances of Music, Dance and childish Melodramas in which there was always a tragic death of some kind. My Dad was always away on tour being a cool musician but my Mum is probably my main musical inspiration as she has always encouraged me with my musical compositions. I first started writing proper songs when I was 15 and I had a go at guitar. I didn't know many chords so I just found things that sounded nice, pretty much as I do now. After that I was always distracted from study by Music, constantly needing to write songs, whilst I was supposed to be revising.
BIGGEST GIG: My old band supported Beverley Knight and Lemar at The Quarry in Shrewsbury about 6 years ago. There were thousands of people there.
BEST GIG: So far, probably The Crown Ballroom, at Words and Music Festival supporting Jack Savoretti. It was a small seated gig but everyone listened and it was just great. I like seated gigs. Festival gigs annoy me because the sound is usually too loud on stage and it's hard to be perfectly in key.
WORST GIG: I hate being background music to diners. There are places I won't name....
BEST SONG YOU HAVE WRITTEN: Probably 'This Wandering Heart' — I wrote it when I was about 21 and I don't think I've bettered it yet.
ALBUM 2: Sorry it's taken so long. I've got loads of material to put on it. We've had various complications changing studios and dropping record labels etc. I have just bought my own gear to cut out the middle man. I've had offers of mastering by various musical celebrities, to be announced later, so it should be a good one. I'm looking forward to getting some edgier ones out there e.g. 'Autocannibal', 'Please Don't Follow Me', 'In the Dark', 'Green' and 'Boy Who Doesn't Care'.... At this stage I'm not sure which of those will get on this second album but it's due an album launch in November so we are under time pressure now!
PLANS: I'm looking forward to the semi-finals of 'OPEN MIC UK' which will be held at The Royal Northern College of Music on October 6th. Winners will go on to perform at The 02 Arena in London. I am also working on album 2, guesting with Ashley Fayth at Festival Number 6 and continuing my UK Tour. Check out my gig list...