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New Brownies

Live at The Lord Combermere

Heidi Browne band line up: Over the past year I've been playing in a number of different line ups.

Sometimes I do gigs solo, sometimes I play with my Dad Colin Browne on keys (ex Kate Bush Band, Barclay James Harvest, Ruby Turner band) and my younger brother Joe on drums.
But I've also had some line up shake ups as you may have noticed...

Last Summer, as Col Dawgs (dad/keys player) was on tour with Barclay James Harvest and I had a big old important festival to play at, I enlisted some new band members. I got Honey Ryder's bassist (Chris Cliff) on bass and Dan Machin on lead guitar. After a right intensive period of rehearsals, with the gents razzing over from the wilds of Leek, we went off up north to Solfest, Cumbria. We played on the second biggest stage which was also the main beer tent so between the delightful music and alcoholic allure, the gig went down a treat.

If you've been to any gigs over the last few months, you'll most likely have seen me playing with my newly-appointed keys player John Gunstone, whose musical expertise spans from church organism to funky jazz solos. We have been playing as a duo in venues up and down the country.

Catch me playing in one of these line ups over the next few months. To keep up to date with upcoming gigs, go to the 'sign up' section and I'll send you a monthly entertaining spamaroo x