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Following the release of her first album 'Table 4 One' in 2011, BBC Radio 2's Tom Robinson picked Heidi Browne's song 'G.I.R.L.F.R.I.E.N.D' for his BBC 6 Mixtape. Since then, the media interest in Heidi has increased. Below is a selection of comments about Heidi's songs and debut album from various sources within the music media:

Song: 'Secret'

Review by Tom Robinson, BBC 6music

'Heidi Emma Peach Browne has the voice of an angel and certainly knows how to put a song together'


Song: 'G.I.R.L.F.R.I.EN.D'

Review by BBC Radio 2's Tom Robinson

'Based in Market Drayton, Heidi Emma Peach Browne has been writing and gigging for ten years. Creativity and performance chops are like muscles — the more you use them, the stronger they get. People didn't place this track in their favourite five because of its hifi production values or glossy arrangement; they loved it because the writing is sharp and direct and the vocal performance is absolutely f*cking immaculate.

When most of us get up with a guitar to sing, we tend to concentrate on the playing and throw away the vocal into a nearby microphone almost as an afterthought. Whereas what the audience wants to hear is somebody telling them a story — straight and direct, person to person, heart to heart. Girlfriend is a masterclass in how to do just that — in a radio friendly 2'39 flat. Will we be including her on the BBC Introducing mix-tape next month? Damn straight.'


Song: 'Paris'

Review by London-based blog 'Some of it was True'

Paris Poster - PLAIN

'Isn't it funny how the same word translated into a different language takes on a new meaning? 'Chanson' simply means 'song' in French, but it seems to me to mean a particular type of song — romantic and gay (in the old sense) and jaunty and attractive and packed with Gallic charm. Heidi Emma Peach Browne's song 'Paris' is most definitely a chanson, in the best, boldest sense — even though HEPB herself hails from Shrewsbury. Maybe they have chansons in Shrewsbury too?'


Review by Berlin-based blog 'Soundstand'

Heidi Browne's song Paris is the song of the day because it is the romanticised, nostalgic tribute to Paris that we all secretly need as a pick me up sometimes. Hauntingly charming voice and accordion accompaniment that makes you want to get up and sway a little bit....


Album: 'Table 4 One'

'soulful, summery, sweet-n-sour and full of sass' — Folkcast

'a string of pearls for the ears, nothing less' — John Heath, TF10 Music

Rae Leeson, The Radio Shed: It's very rare I'll do this, as you who know me know,... but, this has to be one of the best gigs of this year. Thank you Darren Poyzer for pointing this exceptional young lady in my direction and Nat Morven thank you for a brilliant support. Peach Browne thank you so much for being in my top ten for the best gig I have done this year — You are truly special and I shall be playing you on the radio shed very soon

Ruth Barnes, Amazing Radio : 'Heidi has the kind of pop sensibility that would make grown ad men weep, big things await!'