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Australian Tour

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To mark the launch of 'Holiday For Your Heart' Heidi escaped the icy UK Winter in favour of a 9 week solo tour of Australia, taking in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Highlights included performing during Perth Arts Festival, swimming in a green lake, jet skiing and featuring on Australian radio flanked on the playlist by Adele and Sade. Whilst in Melbourne Heidi lodged with make-up artist and runner up for Miss Gay Australia 2017: Kristian With A K who styled Heidi with the rose pink ombre ringlets, leant her his fur and took all the photos for her 'Holiday For Your Heart' promo shoot. Heidi also met with a dance music producer with a view to future projects.

In Sydney Heidi stayed in a tree house with an author and her young astrologist daughters and visited the Opera House. Despite nearly standing on a poisonous snake and killing a giant but harmless spider, she lived to tell the tale. The tour ended in Adelaide where Heidi attended the fringe festival and stayed with South Australian Musician, Dino Jag. The pair collaborated on some new material and Dino guested on guitar at Heidi's performance at her headline gig at the Australian Songwriters, Composers and Lyricists Association.